About Bruns-Doric Vault Company, Inc.

In 1929 the burial vault company which would become Bruns-Doric was started by August Bruns during the great depression to feed his family. He designed an air tight seal for the vaults. He also designed and built his own forms and patterns.

When his son August Bruns Jr. returned from WWII he came into the business. His brother Donald joined him in buying the business from their dad in 1966. They made the company a customer oriented business and focused on the personal services they could offer to the regions funeral homes and cemeteries. Today the company is owned by Ed and Diane Bruns and their son Joel is active in the business.

Having what is needed in stock is important so we have the largest oversized vault stock in the country ready for immediate delivery anywhere in the country. For more Bruns-Doric information click here.

Doric Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of burial vaults and cremation and memorialization products.  Distributed by death care professionals throughout the United States and in Canada, Doric Burial Vaults offer families reasonably priced burial vaults of exceptional quality, value and strength. Because of its modest price in relation to its strength, durability and efficiency, the Doric brand burial vault must be considered one of the best values available.  Doric Products is dedicated to providing outer burial enclosures that will  honor a loved one's memory while giving their family comfort and peace of mind.

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