Bruns-Doric Vault Plant Tour

Each Doric licensee maintains a manufacturing facility independently inspected by the National Concrete Burial Vault Association. These field inspections and their certification assure you of receiving a product that has been made to exacting standards by Bruns-Doric Vault Company, Inc.

Here is a step-by-step look at how a burial vault is manufactured.
Doric vaults feature an exclusive ribbed inner lining formed to exacting standards at our manufacturing facility in Marshall, IL.
Concrete is mixed just prior to forming the vault. Concrete is a mix of cement, sand, water and aggregates.
Burial vault liner is prepared to receive its outer casing of concrete. A layer of Integra-Bond® assures proper lamination.
Integra-Seal® butyl sealing compound is laid into the seal groove on the cover of the vault.
Concrete is poured into the base form and vibrated to insure all air pockets have been removed.  The process is repeated for the cover to complete the vault.
After the concrete begins to set, the forms are removed. The product is smoothed and stored for final curing and finishing.
The vault begins the controlled 28-day process of curing to a load bearing strength of 5000 pounds per square foot. It will continue to cure after it is placed in the grave.
A water resistant exterior finish is applied to the outside of the vault.  A hand applied highlighting completes many Doric vaults.
Personalized nameplate and emblem are applied and the vault is prepared for delivery to the cemetery on the day of the funeral.