Doric Cremation Products

Cremation Urn Vaults/Concrete Urn Vaults

Formed of reinforced concrete, Doric concrete cremation urn vaults are available lined in durable Lustra-Tech®, Fiberlon® or Durapreme® plastics enhance the ability of the vault to support the weight of the grave and form a barrier against moisture in the soil.  For added beauty and durability, vaults are also available with an additional metal lining.  The vault is then sealed with Doric's special Integra-Seal® which merges the base and cover into a single unit. Doric Concrete Urn Vaults are available in several pleasing color combinations.  Carapaces of this urn vault may be personalized with the name of the deceased and birth and death date.

Bronze Lined Urn Vault
Lydian, Copper Lined Urn Vault
Athenian, Stainless Steel Lined Urn Vault
Patrician Urn Vault
Phoenix Urn Vault
Tiara Urn Vault

Cultured Marble Cremation Urns and Companion Urn Vaults

The Doric Executive® Series cremation urns and urn vaults are manufactured by Doric to offer beautiful, strong containers for cremated remains.  Formed of cultured marble, these attractive urns and vaults are available in five colors.  For additional beauty, these vaults are available lined in bronze, copper or stainless steel.  Each has functional lifting handles.

Two styles, upright and chest, accommodate most cremation urns in today's marketplace.

Chest Style - Unlined
Chest Style - Lined
Upright - Unlined
Upright - Lined

Doric cremation urns in matching cultured marble complete this selection.



Polymer technology is used to create a strong, protective urn vault that weighs only 14 pounds.  The Revere® is available with an attractive top-sealing ceramic urn. Although it is lightweight and easy to handle, the Revere® has been tested to bear loads of over 100,000 pounds and exceeds all current cemetery requirements. 

This urn and urn vault combination offers durability and value in cremation merchandise.

Revere Urn Vault and companion urn - Chestnut and Pewter