The Bruns-Doric Burial Vault Product Line.

Bruns-Doric Burial Vaults are manufactured to fit into three basic categories:

The Doric Olympians

The Doric Olympian® burial vaults are unmatched in the burial vault industry today. Designed for families who desire only the best for their loved one, the Olympians® are known for their handcrafted beauty, superior strength and durability. The Olympian® vaults offer a fourth layer of material to surround the casket. This outer casing of durable bronze or stainless steel forms an extra barrier against the elements occurring naturally in the ground. Each Doric Olympian® is formed from the high strength 5000psi reinforced concrete, bonded to ribbed inner liner of fiber-enhanced Doric Fiberlon®. Bronze or stainless steel is then chemically bonded to the inner liner for additional stability. The entire unit is then encased in hand brushed and clear coated bronze or stainless steel.

The careful detail of the Doric Olympian® makes them a new standard in premium burial vaults. Each Olympian Bronze or Olympian Stainless Steel forms a lasting tribute to a life well lived.

Olympian Bronze Vault
See an Olympian Bronze vault cutaway!
Olympian Stainless Steel Vault

Triple Wall

Doric triple wall vaults are lined with gleaming metals – bronze, copper and stainless steel, bonded to durable plastics that form seamless linings within the reinforced concrete casing. The carapace of each vault is fitted with matching handcrafted metal cover and finished with decorative handles, emblem and nameplate with name, of decedent, date of birth and death. The colors of hand applied finishing details complement the casket selection.

The Doric Bronze®
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The Lydian®
The Athenian®

Double Wall

Doric double wall burial vaults are crafted of durable, strong reinforced concrete chemically bonded to tough Lustra-Tech®, Fiberlon® or Durapreme® plastic linings featuring Doric's exclusive strengthening rib design. These ribs are formed into the plastic to increase the load bearing quality of the vault. Doric double wall vaults are excellent values. The Doric Patrician® features a delicately marbleized carapace cover to match the vault interior. The Phoenix® has six attractive exterior lifting handles. Both have hand applied two-tone finishes that complement casket selection. The Tiara® and Titan® also employ the same reinforced concrete and ribbed linings but vary in their exterior details. All Doric double wall vaults offer an exceptional value. 

The Patrician®
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The Phoenix®
The Tiara®
The Titan®